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Our Goal

Snow Kings’ main purpose is to help arrange snow clearing services to clientele across the UK in times of adverse weather conditions. Although a lot of clients may have this service already in place, we all know to what extent the problems that snow and ice can cause, as witnessed only a few years ago when the whole country came to a standstill.

Our aim is to provide a non-biased service to the winter maintenance industry, in doing this our goal is to change the way the whole industry thinks about snow clearance.

The Industry

For the last 10 years the winter maintenance industry has grown at a rapid rate and although we have managed to keep up with supplying gritting services to a high standard, the aspect of snow clearance has been, in a sense ‘left behind’. You all have procedures in place for snow clearance and do your very best to provide a quality service, however you all know that when the next harsh winter comes, the industry again may be left in an embarrassing situation. We can all agree that no-one in this country could clear every site in their portfolio of snow within 24 hrs, most likely not even within a week. This is where Snow Kings comes in. By all means we are not proposing that we can clear every site in the country within 24hrs, however we think that we can build a reliable and efficient system as to where clients have access to a huge national database of contractors that are willing to provide man power and equipment in a re-active situation.

Benefits Of Becoming A Member Of Snow Kings.


Indeed you may already have your own Gritting and Snow Clearance contractor in place, but the benefits of becoming a member of Snow Kings allows you to have access to multiple contractors in a close proximity to your site(s) no matter where they are, and gives you the peace of mind knowing that if you do become in a position where either your usual contractor lets you down or you are just in need of an emergency contact, then Snow Kings will be able to resolve your problem. Coupled with access to state of the art machinery and a bespoke 24hr response system, Snow Kings should be your go to company for peace of mind that your business will be kept safe and clear of snow through times of adverse weather conditions.

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In becoming a member of Snow Kings, you will have access to the biggest client base in the country for snow clearance and gritting works. Our aim is to provide you with a number of sites within your catchment area that will require snow clearance works in times of adverse weather conditions. For a small annual subscription fee, you will not only have the opportunity to earn extra income throughout the winter months, you will also have the opportunity to converse with other contractors in your area and even arrange other specified works throughout the year to be carried out, eg machinery hire and haulage.

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Benefits of becoming a client who is a gritting provider

Upon becoming a member of Snow Kings, you will have instant access to a nationwide database of contractors. These contractors include; Farmers, Plant hire companies, Ground care contractors, Agricultural services companies and more.

You will be able to approach your clients with the option of their portfolio having access to a nationwide database of snow clearance contractors, this will give confidence to the client that their sites will be kept to minimum disruption in times of adverse weather conditions.  

Another great ability the system has is, that when you do request work to be done, you know that the contractor is local to the area, is a short distance from the site and most likely knows where it is. Overall, this will give you a good reaction time for the client and may help you win business off the back of the service you have provided.

The proposal to FM companies, Landlords and Property management companies

We all know how damaging harsh winter conditions can be to business’. Just one day of lost revenue to retail parks, call centres, offices etc can have a huge effect on the company’s accounts, not to mention the H&S aspect of the site’s ground conditions.

Snow Kings would like to give you the opportunity to become part of the first and only system in the country that is dedicated solely to providing snow clearance services nationwide. With just a small annual subscription fee per site, you will have that extra level of security during the winter period should the weather take a turn for the worse. You can then be safe in the knowledge that your sites will be kept to minimum disruption and business will be able to continue as usual. 

How snow kings operates.

A Member requiring snow clearance works to be taken place contacts Snow Kings either by email or telephone, Snow Kings then use our bespoke systems to enable us to find the right supplier. Once the contacts are established, Snow Kings will arrange the process to get the contractor to site ASAP . All Members are required to work to a set of Snow Kings regulations and all Members must hold full and up to date insurance for all the services and equipment they use. Snow kings can arrange an ASAP reactive service or a planned service (the latter, being for sites that will need to be cleared during out of office hours)

Snow Kings works from a simple set up. When a client requires snow clearance to be taken place, Snow Kings will upload the client's requirements to the contractor portal and seek the nearest and most appropriate supplier. The supplier will give an estimated time of arrival to carry out the works and the client will be notified of this. Once the job is complete, Snow Kings will raise an invoice for the client from Snow Kings and from the contractor to Snow Kings, this ensures prompt payment to the contractor.